Not spying, honest…


… we just forgot to mention that the Nest Guard has a microphone.

After releasing information about the Nest Guard now being voice activated, without a hardware upgrade, many users were surprised. How can a software update suddenly make a device without a microphone voice activated?

Erm, yes, well, about that, we just forgot to inform the press or users that the device had a microphone when it was launched, you know, for extending future capabilities of the device. Totally not for spying, no, no siree, no way.

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4 responses to “Not spying, honest…”

  1. harmjr

    When I heard this all I thought was its owned by Google. Not Surprised at all.

    • james_b

      I thought the same thing. These devices add convenience but at what cost to our privacy? And what exactly are the implications to this loss of privacy? And why would this "feature" not be made known when the device was sold? I do not trust Google at all. It is a company with a far too cavalier attitude towards its users and towards one's privacy.

  2. AnOldAmigaUser

    I just finished reading "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism". Highly recommend, though it is a bit dense at times. It certainly did nothing to change my bias about Google.

    For a quick (well an hour and ten minute) summary, Leo LaPorte interviewed the author on Triangulation.