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I was watching Windows Weekly episode 611 from 3/6/19 and Paul was talking about how he liked how Chrome passwords could automatically fill in on Android as well. I noticed our users asked about this when we recently rolled out Dashlane to my company. Android and iOS both actually support changing your keychain manager / password manager in the system.

This would make the idea that Edge on Chromium would be less useful because it does not sync passwords a mute point. Microsoft could, and already has the building blocks in place, have a tie in here through the Microsoft Launcher or even move to just edge itself doing this. Honestly, at this point, Microsoft could easily have their own full overlay on Android without changing all that much.

Dashlane has a good write up on both so I will just link to their documents below.



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  1. Passinttd

    I will also add that this does work on Android Applications as well.