Android and apps on SD cards


My 950XL is still limping along and my wife is using an iPhone so I know very little about Android.

I need to purchase some (ideally) cheap Android handsets for a family business – these will be running a few PowerApps applications and managing the business FaceBook page.

A lot of cheap devices have limited memory but expandable storage – however, reading reviews of some of these devices it seems that you cannot install apps on the SD Card. At best you can ‘move’ an installed app, but whenever it is updated, it’ll go back to the main storage. The users have very limited tech skills, so constantly managing app locations is not realistic.

Is this problem limited only to certain manafucter’s Android customizations? Do new versions of Android work ‘properly’ with SD Cards (i.e. allow you to once specify the SD card as the storage location for apps)?

Any advice on which manufacturers and Android versions I should stick to?


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