Best Android SMS messenger?


Hello All,

It’s your resident question asker asking another question. I’ve recently purchased an android phone (was going to go Pixel, but went with a lot cheaper nexus 6p). And have a question about what sms messenger people use on Android? I was thinking Signal or Pulse SMS. However, Pulse SMS I’m worried about security, but love the feature with sms on computer, because of work policies.

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  1. Nic

    I was a fan of Handcent and Textra, but they are too fat nowadays, and I wanted something with a level of security. For that I've moved over to Signal and have found that it works great. While it does not provide full SMS capabilities on the desktop you can still use it to communicate with contacts who are also on signal (and bear in mind that your communications are not encrypted with Signal unless all parties are using the app).

  2. sgtaylor5

    mysms works great for me. I pay $10 /year for premium; i get access on every device i have, no features I don't use and cloud sync with Evernote.

  3. Chris_Kez

    I'm still using the default Messages app on my Nexus 5X. I played around with Textra for a bit but didn't love it. I use Pushbullet to send/receive SMS on my desktop.

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