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When I had a Windows Phone, I could call Cortana over the Bluetooth in my truck by calling 555-555-9876. Does Android support the same capability? Can I call Ok Google or Cortana (if installed) over the auto bluetooth connection?

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  1. jimchamplin

    That sounds like an incredibly bizarre way to do it. If Cortana is paired to a Bluetooth handsfree unit, you just say, "Hey, Cortana" and she responds. With Android, just say, "Ok, Google" and that should do it.

    • evox81

      In reply to jimchamplin:

      I used it all the time with my 950 when I still had it. It "sounds" bizarre that way, but it's actually kind of brilliant, particularly in the pre-Android Auto/CarPlay days.

      The reality is, when paired over Bluetooth the phone can't constantly use the car's microphone, so it has to listen for "hey Cortana" or "ok google" with the phone's built in microphone. If the phone is in a your pocket, or similar, it's unlikely to hear you. And in the case of Android, even if it does hear the trigger, it continues to use the phone's mic (instead of the car's as in Windows Phone) and it's unlikely to register complex commands properly.

      With Windows Phone I could have Cortana set up as a speed dial in my car's radio. Push that button, she instantly "answers" and starts listening using the car's mic. It was very reliable and really convenient.

      Today, with regular car stereos Google/Siri are really inelegant, especially Android. However, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay both address these issues by putting a button right on the screen (kind of like that speed dial button I mentioned).

  2. Bats


    Just remember, that Windows Phone/Cortana are always a number of steps behind (at least) Android. Unless your truck's system was built specifically for Windows Phone, then yes, of course, you can do the same thing with Android.

  3. Simard57

    The answers are missing the mark.

    the hands-free BT system has its own voice activated command set to use with the phone - the phone assistant is bypassed. (BTW it supports Android Auto but that looks like a steaming pile right now). Windows Phone supported a way to loop back to Cortana and Android does not appear to hence I posted here - perhaps others have come across a way to do what I grew accustomed to have with Windows Phone.

  4. Paul Thurrott

    I was not aware of that. That's hilarious.

    Anyway, yes. It should work over BT.

  5. Simard57

    you can look at to understand what I am asking about. I could "Call Cortana" using the voice system in the car and then command cortana. It was nice to look up things or just ask questions that pop up on long trips. I miss it.

    • RicketyTiger

      In reply to Simard57:

      I meant to reply to you earlier in the week. I, too, have Cortana programmed as a speed dial in my F150 (2012, Ford (Microsoft) Sync 2). I called up Cortana and it still works as always.

      As far as I know, Microsoft had the first, and perhaps most complete, hands free driving experience. All one needed was conventional Bluetooth radio.

      I recently posted a General inquiry to these boards, looking for the most complete Android/iPhone experience. Some rather clueless individual suggested that Siri can answer and place calls. And that I could buy a vehicle equipped with Apple CarPlay. Ouch!!

      I have no idea if Siri will carry on an interactive dialogue for texting, like Msft does with what we now know as Cortana.

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