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I have a couple of questions from the more knowledgable folks regarding Google FI.

  • are there any mobile hotspots available that are FI compatible?
  • if not, can a FI phone be used to tether other devices? if so – does it bridge WiFi to Cell and not use the FI WiFi connection for data access?
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  1. allberry2001

    I have tethered my Pi phone in the US and Italy just using the cell connection.It works great and use's a lot less data then I thought ( with a Chromebook ) there are a number of different ways to tether, WiFi , USB or Bluetooth.

  2. jgraebner

    As long as your phone supports it, Google Fi does allow tethering.

    Google Fi also offers free data-only SIM cards to subscribers on request. By free, I mean that there is no charge to obtain the SIM and it draws from your existing data pool without any additional monthly fee. As long as you have a mobile hotspot that is compatible with T-Mobile, it should work fine on Fi.

    I use a Fi data-only SIM in my Surface Go with LTE and it works great.

  3. Paul Thurrott

    I've tethered via numerous phones, both in the US and abroad. Not sure on Fi-compatible hot spots. I assume some of these devices have a SIM slot.

  4. robmille

    I don't think the MiFi/hotspot devices are technically compatible. I believe if you put your Fi sim in it it will work like a T-Mobile sim. You won't get the multi-carrier features of a supported device unless you happen to have/find a hot spot device that is on the supported list. Unsupported phones/devices have worked with Fi sims for a while but are T-mobile limited as far as if you can get LTE or 3G or roaming or worse.

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