Google just flipped Battery Saver on many users’ Pixels


So, this may sound crazy, but about an hour ago I noticed my Pixel 2 XL’s battery saver mode was on. I thought “hmm, weird, I don’t remember touching that setting quick tile but who knows maybe I did by accident”.

Five minutes later my wife texts me and asks me why her “battery icon at the top was circled in red”. Hmm, okay that’s odd.

I go on Reddit (/r/GooglePixel) and I find out that over 100+ people are reporting the same exact thing.

Okay, so I’m a Google homer and all, I admit it. But if they have that level of granular control server-side, it may be time for me to put on the tin foil hat and get a different phone. I’m sorry, but that’s crossing the line.

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4 responses to “Google just flipped Battery Saver on many users’ Pixels”

  1. GT Tecolotecreek

    Just a subtle ping to make sure you are still under control of the Google mothership....

  2. nicholas_kathrein

    Yup, I just noticed it and thought I might have done it accidentally. I turned it back off.

  3. Minke

    Happened to me today too. I noticed that the haptic feedback was gone on my phone, making me peruse the notifications at the top of the screen only to see the red battery icon. Turned it back off. Weird.

  4. Xatom

    Time for a flip phone.