Help me find a place to store these 100 passwords


I’m planning to switch from iPhone to Android but I don’t know what to do with my 100 passwords saved on my iPhone. There’s no way I can access those passwords online – I have to have an Apple device to access them. So I must move my passwords elsewhere if I plan to no longer use an iPhone.


For Android, one obvious choice is storing passwords in the Google Account. But there are two problems with this. One, there is no way to manually add new passwords in Google Account. There are 100 passwords and it would be a pain to visit each website and log in just to have Chrome save that password. And two, all passwords are fully exposed in Chrome when logged in with a Google account. There is no extra authentication step to view all the passwords.


I could use Microsoft Edge on Android and save my passwords in my Microsoft Account, but Edge has all the same problems as with Google/Chrome when it comes to passwords.


I could also save passwords in Windows and access passwords from there. There is something called Credential Manager in Control Panel. All passwords saved in IE/Edge get saved there, under Web Credentials. The good thing is that it requires authentication to view those passwords. But unfortunately there’s no way to manually add passwords which I must do.


The only option left is using a third party password manager, and to me that is that worst option. I would rather have big trustworthy companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon keep my passwords and other sensitive info than all these little companies that might go out of business any day. Aside from having to pay a monthly subscription fee, the requirement of all these third party password managers is to create and remember a Master Password which, if you forget, you lose all your passwords. And this Master Password should obviously be strong enough so no one can guess it, having upper/lower case letters, numbers, non-alphanumeric characters, etc. etc. How am I to remember such a long and complex password!?!


Apple’s method of saving passwords is excellent. All passwords are secure, require authentication to view them, sync seamlessly between (Apple) devices, and best of all, you can manually add new usernames/passwords without ever having to visit the website. But if I move to Android I will need another means of saving my passwords, hence my need for your valuable advice in this matter.

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