How to break the Samsung-iPhone duaploy in the US market?


Since the Chinese brands (Huawei, ZTE) seems to be out for a carrier deal in the US market. It would be a option for some other players to step in. Som non Chinese brands.

1: Sony going in the right direction. Sony Xperia XA2 and the other models showed in CES have a working fingerprintsensor in USA now. Slightly new design with smaller bezels to. According to most rumours they will show of new models in MWC 2018 also. A XZ Pro with Snapdragon 845. Probably with “bezel less” design and a dual camera setup.

2: HMD Global (Nokia) from Finland have a stock android approach, and they will show up some new models to. Probably several models in the MWC Spain event. I guess including a Nokia 9 with Zeiss cameras that are more advanced than on those in Nokia 8.

3: Micromax from India or some other brand from there. Would be a opportunity for them to step in to the US market to.

4. Motorola could try harder to get a footprint in USA to, but they are of course owned by Lenovo from China.

I think Samsung and Apple still will be the biggest brands in the US phone market in any event. But consumer would have some another option to buy. Any thoughts?

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