Nexus 6P updates


I have read that the Nexus 6P I just bought will not receive Android updates after September 2017 and more important security updates after September 2018. Is there anyway to get this updates outside of OTA updates (ie download/root the phone etc)?

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  1. MacLiam

    Those dates reflect the two-year and three-year minimum support guarantees that Google offers for OS and Security updates to their Nexus and Pixel phones. In the worst case they MAY be expiration dates, but don't panic until the clock ticks closer to September.

    I have a 6P that I use as a backup phone, and I even run beta versions of Nougat on it. But I am in no way an Android fanatic and can't answer your question. I have to believe there are ways to get OS updates for a sufficiently powerful phone even after announced end of life, but you would get better info about that from one of the major Android forums.

  2. Nicholas Kathrein

    There will be ROMs that you'll be able to download that have the updates. I'm using my Nexus 6p since I keep my phone's two years.

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