I ordered the Pixel 2 & the Pixel 2 XL from project Fi 1 hour after the web broadcast on Wednesday Oct 4 and because the Pixel 2 XL is not shipping till late November they will not ship me the Pixel 2 till then ether. 2 emails and a call to the supervisor later and no change. I also asked if the order is not shipping till mid to late November why they charged my credit card now and got no satisfactory answer. Most company’s don’t charge you till they ship the product. Paul was not very impressed with Google support and neither am I.

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  1. Jaxidian

    FYI, Google Store support is extremely good. Project Fi support is much less than stellar. Sounds like you're working with Project Fi support and not Google Store support. That's unfortunate.

  2. markbyrn

    After reading all the negative press about the Pixel 2 XL screen, I cancelled my order. Wait to see what Paul says about it.