Pixel with MS apps


My wife and I just got pixels (xl and regular) and everything is fine except for MS apps/services. I cannot log into any of them. Once I initiate a login attempt on any ms app (onedrive, xbox…) it brings me to blank screen within the app and just sits there. Obviously tried reinstalling the apps but that did nothing. Also tried with google tech support a few things and they say it’s an MS issue. I’m on android v7.1.1.

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  1. 9611

    You need to update chrome and try again. I had the same issue after installing updated Nougat. Works like a charm now.

  2. 5812

    I'd recommend a factory reset. Downside is it puts you back to a brand new phone on 1st boot but that fixes all phone caused issues. If that doesn't then its a Microsoft Issue but they are good at fixing things.

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