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I was looking into this, but had a question.  In regards to data rollover is it just month to month or can you buy a bunch of data one month and have it carry over indefinitely until you use it up?  Also how much data do you actually use in real world use since it prioritizes public wifi over cellular.  Do you see less data usage when using project fi.


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    You buy it month to month. If you don't use it, you are credited in the next month. If you use too much, you are charged for what you use only. 


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    I've been on Project Fi for a couple weeks now with a new Nexus 6p. When I signed up I figured I would need to go for a 10 gigabyte plan, since with my T-Mobile unlimited plan previously I was using 10 to 15 gigabytes a month. For me,  gearing up for using Fi has been  all  about using Wi-Fi connections for data transmission and it's prioritization over cellular data. It helps to have a lot of Wi-Fi connections remembered on your device throughout your daily wanderings. In addition, I have taken tremendous advantage of being an Xfinity customer, and I can see that I am constantly connecting to their piggybacked wifi. At the rate I'm going I probably won't even crack the two gigabyte mark. The end result is that I'll be cutting my bill in half from what I was paying for T-Mobile service.

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    Sorry to bring this back up from the dead, but Verizon is screwing with my parents and told them about Project Fi.  The only thing holding them back is Verizon's Mifi.  They live in a rural area and use Mifi for their home internet.  Is there such a thing as a Mifi for Project Fi? Also I'm not familiar with how Mifi works as far as enhancing signals.  It seems that Verizon's amplifies their signal as prior they did not get a good signal, but now it has pretty good speeds.  Anyone know?

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    It doesn't work like that. You just pay for what you use. So if you purchased 30 GB of data in January (at $30) and only used 4 GB, you would be refunded $26 the next month. It's just pay as you go (And refund as you go if you don't use it.)

    I've never really compared data usage per se, but I'm not sure how doing voice and text over Wi-Fi would impact data usage.

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