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We use Google home, with a couple of the normal and mini assistants, as well as a Chromecast. For Christmas we bought our daughter one of the Smart Hubs, as she loves cooking and baking, and we through she’d like the hands free recipes, etc. She does.

She already had Google account from her phone, so we have added that email address to the home group, alongside my own. She has trained her voice on her phone, and all of the hubs respond her her voice for basic questions (time/weather/timer/web searches etc)

Should she be able to speak to any of the devices, and it recognise HER voice (instead of mine) now? Should she be able to speak to the Smart Hub, and ask it to show HER photos on the screen? It doesn’t seem to be doing so at the moment, it only seems to do that for my voice. Also, I tend to take photos of all kinds of work rubbish on my phone, so when the Home Hub is flicking through the photos when not in use, it has all kinds of rubbish, mixed in with family photos. How do I best get it to show collections of specific things? Not sure it matters for features, etc. but we’re in the UK.

Any help or pointers would be great.

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    Yes this should work. There's a "voice match" feature in Google Home app (under Settings > Assistant) that's designed to help the Assistant/Home devices differentiate between different people when that matters. So anyone could get the weather, but when she asks for music, she'll get it from her own service with whatever customizations and you'll get it from yours.

    • Chris_Kez

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      If you have "voice match" turned on how does Google Assistant treat guests or kids who don't have a voice profile trained up? Does it just fall back on default settings or is there a "guest mode"?

  2. nicholas_kathrein

    If she asks "who am i"? then it should say her name. If it does then everything is working and she should be able to get her person calendar, photos, and so on. I'm not home to test the "who am I"? command to makes sure I'm correct but I'm sure I am.