Google Home/Assistant with multiple users


I’m running into a bit of a snag in setting up smart lighting at home using a Philips Hue bridge, Google Home devices, and Google Assistant running on our Android phones. The specific issue relates back to multiple users, and more specifically, how to configure Google Assistant on my wife’s phone so she can control the Philips Hue lighting from her phone.

After testing colored Hue lights in my office, I decided to pick up a few more dimmable white lights for our bedroom and living room. They installed in a matter of minutes and I configured the rooms in the Google Home app on my phone. After a bit of testing, everything worked as expected on the Google Home devices and Google Assistant on my phone. It was time to train my wife. She’s been gradually warming to the Google Home devices over the past few months and quickly picked up the process. We have the Home devices set up to recognize different voices, and everything worked exactly as planned.

Then we ran into the problem. I’d put one of the lights in our bedroom, where we don’t currently have a Google Home setup. When she went to dim the lights using Google Assistant on her phone, instead of controlling the lights she got web search results. I attempted to connect Assistant on her phone to my Philips Hue account, but to no avail. It prompts me to connect to the Hub but then tells me that it can only be associated with one Google account. So my wife, as of yet, can only control the lights when she uses voice on Google Home.

Has anyone done this successfully? Any ideas on how to make this work?  This is my first foray into “smart home” and I’m a bit wary as to what will happen with additional components.

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