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I am finally switching to Android from Windows Phone. I know there was talk about being able to use a Windows PC to send text messages through an Android device. Does anyone know if this is now possible? If so can someone tell me which apps I will need to have to sync the messaging?

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    This is a feature of Cortana. So you need the Cortana app on your phone and Windows 10 on your PC.

  2. Finley

    You can initiate a text by asking Cortana to text "person's name"

    You can also reply to a text in the text notification window.

  3. Chris_Kez

    On my Windows 10 PC I use the setup Paul describes. The Cortana app on my Nexus 5X pipes my text messages to my Surface, where I see them in the Action Center then respond to them.

    At work I use a Windows 8.1 PC so instead I use Pushbullet. You download the app on your phone, then either use the desktop app or the Chrome extension on the PC.

    Both setups work reasonably well, but I'm not sure either one has been 100% perfect.

  4. InterPSU

    Thanks for everyone's replies.

  5. Brandonlpierce

    FWIW I use Pulse Messenger on Android. It has Firefox/Chrome add-ons, Chrome web app, and Windows application.

  6. staganyi

    Is there an app that exists that does both web/text messaging that is available on both windows & android?

  7. Daekar

    Pulse SMS does this, it's what I use.

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