Microsoft Todo – simple feature that is glarin in its omission…


I’ve categorized this as “Brad” given that he’s been the one tilting the windmills of organization with ToDo.

I’m just wondering when the folks at ToDo will implement the simplest, and most necessary, of all features: [email protected] Just like [email protected] before it, and [email protected] adjacent to it, this is a feature that is so useful for so many users, but which Todo has failed to implement for reasons I cannot understand. If I were to guess, it would be that a) their corporate customers don’t like it, and b) they want to build links into their own products. Hey, I understand both of those – but users are different.

I don’t have an Office365 account at work. We are all VM hosted terminals on (essentially) on-prem exchange. I’m just a cog, I don’t know when or if we are going to move to 365. Even if we do, it would be quite locked down as our IT folks, and our corporate folks, seem quite old school in this regard. That makes every change for flagged e-mail, etc. etc. quite useless, as it won’t work with on-prem Exchange. Not only that, I hate stuff hanging around in the main inbox folder, and that flagging doesn’t work in sub-folders (or so I’ve read). Our IT deparment has even blocked the Wunderlist and Todo apps from the Outlook store.

So yes, I’m one of the many millions of “special cases” that want special treatment. I still use Wunderlist, and Outlook’s powerful Quick Steps. One button, and it categorizes an e-mail, sends it to Wunderlist, files it in the folder of my choosing, and poof – it’s done. Of course I have to use the web version of whatever, as I can’t install the app – but that can work, as I just pin it as a default tab.

So, needless to say I’m still using Wunderlist, because they won’t implement this feature in Todo. I want to use Todo, I really do, but can’t.

Brad – is there any way to light a fire under the developers about this? The uservoice request has been around since 2017 but there’s no sign that there is work being done, or even that it’s being considered. This is basic table stakes as far as I’m concerned – it should have been dealt with by now.