Soo.. about Miracast..


I’ve been listening to FRD for a while now and hearing all of the issues Brad has been having with Miracast and thought maybe I could belp. We use about 60 Miracast devices at work and have been mostly successful with them. When we initially got them, we just threw them in thinking they would just be plug and play… and they were a trainwreck. Disconnected all the time, or would refuse to connect or would become pixelated and laggy. We had to tweak our network configuration to avoid wireless co-channel interference and they have been pretty reliable since then. There are still some issues with Windows action center itself not wanting to connect but that is usually resolved by a Windows reboot or logoff/logon. With newer builds of Windows it has become more reliable (we’re currently using 1803 in our environment).

So for Paul and Brad:

1) Is your wireless network 2.4ghz or 5ghz? Miracast works best on 5ghz spectrum as there are more wireless channels to play with so there would be less chance for co-channel interference. I moved our home network to 5ghz years ago because of issues with netflix and hulu streaming on 2.4ghz.

2) Have you updated the firmware on the miracast adapter itself? That helped tremendously, there’s a firmware updater tool for it in the Microsoft Store.

3) We’re mostly Surface so updating to the latest driver and firmware bundles from MS also helped make it more reliable.

4) More recent builds of Windows also made it more reliable.

We’ve since moved on from the Microsoft wireless display adapters to the Actiontec ScreenBeam 960. These are enterprise grade and allows us to manage them centrally and tweak their wireless config in ways we didn’t realize the Miracast/WiFi-Direct protocol supported.

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