Azure & Gab


This is pretty interesting, Gab is given a notice for violating Azure’s Acceptable Use Policy, That’s just surprising to me that Azure would step in, at that point.

I understand if it were for other legal based issues (copyright, local laws) but I’m surprised by this.

What if another Twitter/Facebook/Youtube is built on Azure. Is it that social network’s responsibility or is it also the cloud providers responsibility?

Also as a developer, we’ve been told constantly to treat the cloud like a utility, all the microsoft evangelists have constantly said that Microsoft doesn’t care what you run in their cloud as long as you’re using their cloud.

Why do they care of the content is hosted on their platform provided it is legal.

I couldn’t care much about Gab, however what about Reddit, would the same policies apply to reddit for the content on the sub-reddits if they were hosted on Azure?

I’m interested to hear other people’s take on this.

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