AzureAD 99.99% uptime for 2021…


Microsoft said they wanted to achieve 99.99% uptime for their cloud authentication services.

Well done guys, you got to the 7th January, before it collapsed in a steaming pile.

I’ve just received a bunch of messages from Microsoft stating that my users wouldn’t be able to log into Teams and might have problems making calls. Then that that problem was solved. Then another, that users would not be able to log onto many M365 services.

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2 responses to “AzureAD 99.99% uptime for 2021…”

  1. waethorn

    Authentication is only one part of it. Sure, they'll know where and when you're trying to log on, but there's no similar guarantee you're going to get services locked behind your login.

  2. ghostrider

    Stop giving fake/false uptime promises, and start giving us some real downtime figures. As more and more companies are being forced (yes, forced) into using these services, it's only fair they see what they're getting themselves into. This continued drive drive for GRP (Growth, Revenue, Profit) is going to be the end of us all!