Dropbox vs OneDrive: Looking for Changes


I’ve been using Dropbox quite heavily for a couple of years now, however I recently reviewed all my subscriptions and decided moving to OneDrive would be an easy way to cut out one given the 1TB of space I get with O365 Home. I moved all the files on my home computer from the Dropbox to OneDrive folder, moving/ deleting/ adding a bunch of files in the process. Two weeks later, OneDrive was still stuffing around “looking for changes”. It would download new files quite quickly such as if I took a photo on my phone and it uploaded using the iOS app, but existing files never seemed to sync. I tried /reset, killing/restarting the process, signing out/in of the app, restarting the PC, relinking the folder, etc, but could never quite get OneDrive to kick into gear.

Out of frustration, I copied everything in the OneDrive folder back to the Dropbox folder to see how long it would take to resync. Everything had been deleted from the cloud by this stage. About ten days later, the job was finished and all my files were back in Dropbox.

OneDrive? Still looking for changes…! It looks like I’ll be keeping that Dropbox subscription after all.

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