Merging Microsoft Accounts


I suppose that this is just a general rant, although I remember Paul talking about this on WW, and I tried to find a related article but was not able to do so. 

I have two Microsoft accounts.  One, which is connected to the majority of my MS services, including my 1.xTB Onedrive account.  I really started to use it when I got my first Windows phone at the end of 2012, and I attached to it my most used e-mail address, which is a gmail box.

The second account, which was created when I set up my Xbox 360 in 2011, is attached to my isp’s e-mail address for no specific reason.  I’d just moved in, blah blah blah.  It seemed the right thing to do.  So, that’s where my gamertag is – and nothing else.  Everything else – OneDrive, my Office 365 subscription – is attached to my gmail account, along with (apparently) a gamertag of Player7xxxxx or whatever – a generic number.

Normally, it’s not a problem.  This weekend, I logged into Xbox Live on my pc to redeem a code for Halo Master Chief Collection that came with my new Xbox One S (ordered through the store, with my main MSA).  Ok, click here… what?  WTF happened to the game?  Re-enter the 25 digit code… already claimed.  What?

That’s when I spot that, because I was logged into Onedrive with my main account, once I clicked “redeem code” with my Xbox MSA, it flipped my login to the main MSA.  Now, my non-Xbox MSA has my Halo Master Chief.  (No problem, as I can log in with that on the xbox and download it.)

That said, that is a pain in the donkey.  I recall Paul mentioning, probably two years ago, that MS was working to have some facility to “merge” two MSAs.  That would, in fact, be delightful, as I’d rather not have the separation of the two accounts at this point.  Has anyone heard anything further about merging two accounts?  Is this actually on the horizon, or is this another hard computer science problem?

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