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I was wondering since Microsoft discontinued the band which seemed to have a lot of users I think primarily because of its price point of $99 I noticed several people at gym, biking and walking wearing one. When mine broke I ended up going with a fitbit flex 2 since its water proof and a cheap price point I have heard Paul say a few times he wears a fitbit.

Will Microsoft discontinue the Microsoft band app? Should I go with the Microsoft healthvault app? This kind of confusing as to what apps to use for health with Microsoft.

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    I would not trust anything Microsoft when it comes to this stuff. Fitbit is great.

    • helix2301

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      I got fitbit because I have heard you talk to Leo and Brad about wearing one. I am not going crazy with exercise but I try to get more of it in then I used to for weight loss purposes. That's issue with IT guys we sit a lot. Did you find a new place to play basketball or are you trying something new. Since we live in Pa I grew up on mountain bike something my daughter and I do once or twice a week.

  2. robhalligan

    Isn't Health Vault deprecated? If so, I have a bunch of data in Health Vault and wonder if I could Extract, Transfer, and Load it into Band (is that Heath?), Fitbit, or some other app. Any thoughts much appreciated.