Microsoft’s MFA app backup.


Hello all,

Recently Microsoft announced cloud backup to their Authenticator app. Does this do what Authy does? Ie does the Microsoft Authenticator run like Authy, in that a user could move to a new phone download the Microsoft app and there would be no interuption of service?

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  1. Dan1986ist

    Yep, that user just signs into Microsoft Authenticator using the exact same MSA that was used to backup their settings on their new device, restore said backup and continue using it like before.

  2. earlster

    Chicken and egg, how do I sign into that MSA that I used to backup without the phone that has the app on it in case I lose the phone before I setup the new one.

    Otherwise this is awesome and will making switching phones so much easier.

  3. jimchamplin

    Works like a charm!