Move photos from Google Photo to Onedrive?


My wife’s phone wasn’t backing up to Onedrive and she wants me to move all of her photos from Google Photo over to it with the changes coming to storage limits. I believe I saw something posted at one point in time on how best to go about doing it but can’t find it now. I found something called MultCloud that looked good but thought I’d ask her first on what other people have done or if they have used MultCloud before. Thanks

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  1. the escalation

  2. j5

    I've never migrated photos and files from a cloud service onto OneDrive. But I installed OneDrive on my laptop, then moved all my photos and files to it OneDrive, once all my photos and files were uploaded to OneDrive (I double-checked by logging onto another laptop and logging into OneDrive on the web and MADE FOR SURE all my files were there) then deleted the files I didn't want taking up space on my laptop.

    You probably could use a third-party service like this MultCloud BUT you would be putting another service, creating another login to track, etc. If your wife doesn't have enough storage space to download all the photos maybe do it in chunks or folders, then delete them off her computer once they've been uploaded to OneDrive.

  3. minke

    You can use Google Takeout to download all your photos from Google Photos, then you can upload them to OneDrive. Depending on how many photos you have that can be a slow process and I recommend doing it in smallish chunks when uploading. Keep in mind that your photos may be in "High Quality" in Google, which is actually compressed though of very good quality. Personally, I wouldn't worry about it unless you're a professional photographer. I've used both, but I still prefer Google Photos for its superior functionality. Worth paying for.

  4. minke

    I forgot--you can also select to have Google Takeout send your photos directly into your OneDrive (personal OneDrive only)! Best way to move from Google Photos to OneDrive.

    • Sprtfan

      Thanks, I'll take a look at Google Takeout. Sounds like that was what I was looking for.

    • Paul Thurrott

      Well. The best way would be for this to happen in the cloud, directly from one service to the other. Takeout is nice, but that's going to be a huge set of files to deal with, and the time it takes to download and then reupload them.
  5. minke

    You can choose to have Google Takeout send the files directly to OneDrive (or Box and some other storage services).

    • Paul Thurrott

      Ah. Amazing.
      • markiehill

        I thought this was going to be the answer to keeping Onedrive and Google in sync however it looks like it just transfers the zip files 6 times a year. This means you still have to download the files unzip them and then re-upload them unless i am mistaken.


        • markiehill

          Just to update my own thread - I wrote a power automate job to watch a folder and when a zip file it appears decompress it - so my previous comment is not true. This is pretty cool - means i can set up a regular backup and then unzip all the files into the camera roll folder without downloading. I have a 250GB set of photos in Google so will give it a proper test and report back.

  6. james_makumbi

    In Office 365, there is an app called power automate. You can use a template to copy all files or specific files from google rive to OneDrive. You can even set it up to run this regularly. That is what I did when I moved a company from google to Microsoft. While there are other cloud services that can do this, I find that staying within known cloud providers reduces your risk.

    Power Automate is only available to Office 365 subscriptions.