OneDrive Is Down?


I can login to OneDrive and see the files listed. However, when I try to view a file, it does not download. It just shows the wait animation. I tried it in Chrome and Edge.

I also tried it on my Windows Phone using the OneDrive app, and I get an error saying it can’t open the file.

Is anyone else having a problem with OneDrive this morning?

UPDATE: Apparently, the problem only seems to affect text files (*.txt). I’m able to view Word and Excel documents.

SECOND UPDATE: Actually, I cannot view image files either.

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  1. Patrick3D

    Yeah, Downdetector is showing OneDrive down across the US and some other countries as well. The desktop app is stuck at singing in and the website fails to load webpages and files.

    Update: is not responding either, DNS error.

  2. MikeGalos

    Checking Microsoft's status page at the current status shows:

    Title: Can't access OneDrive

    User Impact: Some users are intermittently unable to access their OneDrive files.

    Current status: We've restarted and rebalanced a subset of the affected infrastructure to increase service availability. We're continuing to apply these remedial steps across the remainder of the affected infrastructure, which is expected to take approximately 5 hours.

    Start time: Friday, August 11, 2017, at 3:00 AM UTC

    Next update by: Friday, August 11, 2017, at 6:00 PM UTC

  3. dcbCreative

    Indeed... ...I too am having issues and have been all afternoon.

    Most frustrating; at first I thought it was something wrong with my SurfaceBook, but after doing a Google search I realized it was Microsoft's issue.

    UPDATE: As of 8pm central time OneDrive appears to be working as expected again. Better eight hours late than never. Oy veh.

  4. h8zgray

    Good day all, I too have been having more than intermittent issues trying to upload files via OneDrive on my Dell laptop running Insider Build 16296, as even though I am connected to the internet via wired Ethernet, and all other services seem to be working, OneDrive reports a upload speed of 0.0 Kb/s. This is despite pausing an resuming syncing, restarting the computer, uninstalling and reinstalling the client, as well as wiping the entire OneDrive storage and starting over. When I ping I receive multiple connection time out errors. Not sure what is going on.

    Also, another peculiarity is that I sync 'Pictures' and 'Music' folders to the top level of OneDrive via symbolic links placed in the OneDrive folder on my machine. Somehow, OneDrive seems fit to not only create 'My Pictures", 'My Videos' and 'My Music' in the 'Documents' folder but then moves all the content from my 'Pictures' and 'Music' to these folders and until I figured this out, I though everything had been deleted. I discovered this when I could not get Groove to see my music on OneDrive via Windows Mobile 10. If anyone has any idea, particularly regarding the loss/absence of upload bandwidth I'd appreciate it, take care all.

    • Tom Wilson

      In reply to h8zgray

      Nothing to offer except my sympathy. OneDrive is a hot mess.

      It's been driving me nuts with the "_vti_rpc" bug when using office 365. Still waiting for a fix for that. I've tried everything suggested with no luck.

      • h8zgray

        In reply to Tom Wilson:

        Cheers for the reply, I thought something was seriously wrong with my installation, not to mention how audio and image files seem to move from /Documents/My Pictures or My Music back and forth from /Music and /Pictures as I originally had it. Like I mentioned it was really crazy when I could not sync my OneDrive music with Groove on my 950XL. Man, never a dull moment huh? Anyway, thank you for the reply, best wishes.

    • h8zgray

      Good morning all, well unfortunately, I gave up on OneDrive and went back to Dropbox and as soon as it finished syncing without any drama, I figured I did the right thing. Through multiple attempts at uninstalling and reinstalling the OneDrive client, unlinking and and relinking as well as the other tips for repairing syncing anomalies, I could not keep by Music and Pictures folders stationary at the root level, instead they would inexplicably find their way back into Documents and were renamed My Music and My Pictures respectively.
      I then realized that the only real reason I needed to use OneDrive was to listen to my music via Groove on my 950 XL, but now since Groove will cancel their Music Pass service, I decided to just use my Google Pixel XL and go back to Google Play Music. Overall, quite frustrating that Microsoft has seemingly created such a fragmented and slipshod suite of hardware and software solutions that real fans who enjoy using their products have had to do so with an increasing sense of compromise, I'm actually more disappointed than I thought I would be, i really liked the music and albums/pictures experiences on Windows Mobile in particular, sigh...

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