OneDrive lost is marbles


Has anyone experienced OneDrive forgetting the selected folders to downloand just out all of a sudden its just downloads all of your onedrive and fills your hard drive?

That happen to me today and I realized what happen during an important event thanks MS!

It downloaded all of my Photos/Vidoes which are Gigs of data.

I am using Windows 10 Creators Update version 1703 OS build 15063.296 on a Surface Pro 4

Now I am trying to just remove my OneDrive and re-set it up and it wont let me disconnect.

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  1. anglebrill

    I have an ASUS laptop and I reinstalled (latest) Windows 10 Pro on a new Samsung SSD and with the new installation came OneDrive. I'm an Office 365 subscriber, so I have 1 TB of available storage space and I'm using around 150 GB as a backup for my documents, photos, videos...

    My laptop has 2 HDDs, an HDD with 750 GB and this new SSD. I'm using OneDrive as a backup, so it is supposed to mirror one of the folders on the 750 GB drive - all my files are available also locally - or so I thought.

  2. simont

    It might be time to update to a newer version of Windows 10 as 1703 is no longer supported unless you are on an expensive enterprise plan. But this has nothing to do with OneDrive.

  3. robinpersaud

    No, I have not seen that happen before.

    For background: I have 2 OneDrive accounts (personal and Microsoft 365 E1) accounts configured across 8 devices. The personal account has ~80GB, the E1 account has 2.7TB (of 5TB).

    I will keep an eye out - thanks for the heads up.

    EDIT: Never mind, I see this post is from 2017! :-O

  4. winner

    To the cloud! To the cloud!