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Can anyone out there shed some light on the roadmap for Skype, Skype for Business, and more to the point, if and/or when they’ll ever be combined into one product?  To say Microsoft is bad at naming its products is an understatement, but it’s especially true here.  “Skype Meetings,” an obviously business-focused feature of the consumer half of the Skype brand, only serves to muddy the waters further.  It’s almost as if Microsoft has forgotten why products have names–to differentiate one product from another.

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    This drives me nuts daily. Many people at work have Skype accounts so they could talk cheaply when traveiling overseas and for doing basic conferencing. Now that we have Skype for Business, it's caused a lot of people to dislike it because it just confuses them which one they're supposed to use. We're seriously having a hard time with getting people to use it because they think it's broken when it doesn't do what they're expecting it to based on the name.


    Doubly confusing is that most of them used their work accounts to sign up for regular Skype so in their minds they're using the same account, but none of thier contacts are available.

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      I think the easy answer here is to simply explain that SfB is essentially a new name for Lync, a completely separate tool.  Skype and SfB look different enough, and SfB has the words "Skype for Business" visible on the icon, in the task-bar and at the top of the application window.  There should be no confusion about which one to use; you use SfB.  I can understand some initial confusion but a few well-crafted emails and a reminder or two during all-hands meetings should be sufficient.   

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    Currently there are 3 versions of Skype. Skype (Consumer), SFB on 0365, SFB Premise. Rumor is they plan to get to a common code base and common client. I expect CY2017 to be the year they merge the features and have a more seamless strategy that extends from consumer to enterprise.

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