Tried OneDrive Personal Vault & didn’t go well


Tried OneDrive Personal Vault & didn’t go well, curious how others found it.

Enabled OneDrive Personal vault and moved some data (which was already on OneDrive in ‘normal folders’) into it. Looked ok on-line, but my Laptop got all sorts of sync errors and rebooting randomly either:

1) Allowed no access to Personal Vault at all (in explorer or app) or did not offer ability to unlock. The red “Unlock your vault” panel was in the OneDrive flyout menu but did not respond when you clicked on it.

2) If could unlock PV OneDrive still showed “unlock PV to sync” errors, when it was already unlocked

3) Accessing local PV folders locked up File Explorer until the machine was rebooted, go to 1) or 2) and repeat

The other problem is it seems PV access is totally dependent on cloud connection to unlock even when the Vault is on your local machine. I would have those items in a ““Always keep on this device” folder for off-line access. The sort of things I would consider putting in it are those I need to be able to access (travel, medical documents etc) quickly, if need them at all.

In the end I moved all the data back out again and abandoned it.

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    It seems incredibly slow to me. Just getting it open on the PC.

  2. FullyLoaded

    It seems to work okay for me online but it told me I need 1903 to have it locally. My home machine is still on 1809 so that was a disappointment.

  3. terry jones

    Same here. Nothing but problems. I moved everything out and abandoned it for now.

    I'll give it another shot in a couple of months, when they have the bugs worked out.

  4. nkhughes

    I don't need Office 365, so I just pay for 100GB OneDrive space. If you don't have a premium account though, there's a 3 file limit to PV. Which is pretty useless. I could just zip everything up beforehand I suppose.

    Agree about it being very slow though on Windows 10. And no sign of the PV folder on my Mac even though I have the latest OneDrive client and all folders set up to sync.

  5. vernonlvincent

    I haven't had any issues with it. I have 2FA setup on my phone, and when I tried to access PV - prompted me on the screen to approve the 2FA. I got my phone, approved it, and got in. This is both accessing via the web and from my PC running 1903.