Why all the sudden, in the last 2 weeks, all emails from whitehouse.gov, in going into Outlook’s junk folder?

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  1. jimchamplin


    I could have a field day with this in a stand up routine. You should send this to Stephen Colbert.

  2. Polycrastinator

    I presume Outlook's spam algorithms are in part cloud sourced, and a lot of people who signed up for email under Obama are not happy to be receiving it under Trump, and flagging it as spam.

    • lordbaal1

      In reply to Polycrastinator:

      It doesn't matter if you like him or not. You should still pay attention to what's going on.

      • jimchamplin

        In reply to lordbaal1:

        Sure. But not from what could possibly be the most biased and mixed message source available. The people who work at the White House don't even know what their bosses think anymore. How can a useful message be sent?

        Until something can get those clowns back on track toward something that isn't "Russia 2" I'll continue to receive news from America's Most Trusted News Source...

        The Onion.

        No, seriously, NewsHour.

        • lordbaal1

          In reply to jimchamplin:

          like the media isn't biased.

          there's no prof as to what the media s saying about Russia involvement.

          • jimchamplin

            In reply to lordbaal1:

            Not The Onion. Zero bias, or at least so little bias as to be statistically unimportant. Those people seek only the truth and know how to deliver the hardest hitting investigations into the most important topics. Either that or someone offered them a tasty oatmeal cookie if they'd stay on topic.

            They talk to area people about things that affect the world as we know it!

            True. Quality. Reporting.

          • YouWereWarned

            In reply to lordbaal1:
            Every source is biased -- some to the left, some to the right. So most people select the source with the bias they prefer. But there is another, better, alternative. That is to lock the tube on CSPAN and get the words directly from the mouths that utter them. No intermediate translator or (biased) interpretor needed. Make up your own mind with data that is as uncorrupted as possible (and YES, they often lie, so that is part of the "thinking" required by this method). There is enough time in a day to do this if you resist the urge to be lazy and misinformed. The "news" just isn't what it used to be, sadly...

      • Polycrastinator

        In reply to lordbaal1:

        I'm not saying I agree with them flagging it as spam (or not), just that I suspect that's what's happening.

  3. nightmare99

    The Office 365 spam filters seem to have got more aggressive recently.