Finally Got Accepted Into Microsoft Store Preview Program


I have been emailing Microsoft and filling out their forms since 2021 trying to get accepted into the Microsoft Store Preview Program.

Today finally –


Thank you for your interest in publishing your traditional desktop app to the new, revitalized Microsoft Store. 

We are pleased to inform you that your app has been accepted into the program and you can begin the submission process for your app right away. 

I dont understand why it takes so long do they really have that many people wanting to get onto the windows store preview program. If they want to attract new developers don’t make them wait a year to try out new features 🙂

I do think $10 dollars lifetime developer account is very fair.


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3 responses to “Finally Got Accepted Into Microsoft Store Preview Program”

  1. thejoefin

    What kind of app type could you submit? An unpackaged EXE? Do you have any other info about what is different about the Preview Store vs the regular Store?

    • helix2301

      You can submit signed EXE or MSI with installers and silent install string. You cant do stand alone EXE yet but I would imagine that's coming in the future.

  2. Chris_Kez

    Congratulations! Keep us posted on your experience.

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