I got a SNEAK PEEK at something you mentioned, Thurrott!!


UPDATE: I can verify that this new feature, as described below, is now LIVE on the Dev Center dashboard today. 🙂

I was submitting a Desktop Bridge app (I’ll make a forum post later), when Microsoft accidentally sent me the wrong email. They then immediately sent me a different email with an apology and proper instructions, saying they sent it anticipating a change in the near future that hasn’t happened yet. Furthermore, it hints at some other big stuff.

What was that change? Read the email below (only thing changed is my name):

Hello pbsie,

Thank you for contacting the Windows AppConsult Team regarding publishing your Desktop Bridge application to the Microsoft Store.

The process has changed since your nomination. Now you can just submit your application on the Dev Center, like you would do with a normal Universal Windows Platform application. The Store team will take care of reviewing your application and, if it’s compliant, grant you the required permission to publish a Desktop Bridge app. You don’t need any more to complete the extra vetting process with our team.

Below you can find some useful links to help you with the packaging and deployment process.

Is your app an Edge Extension Desktop Bridge application?

Edge Extensions require a special permission that must be granted prior to our review of your Desktop Bridge application. Please follow the process listed here

https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/extensions/guides/native-messaging and submit your request for those permissions here https://aka.ms/extension-request. Once your permissions have been granted by the Edge team, you will be able to continue the submission process.

If you encounter any problems with the process outlined above, you may raise a support ticket here – http://aka.ms/storesupport for the fastest support. Alternatively you may email us at [email protected]. Due to high volumes, kindly expect a delay in responses to emails.

We look forward seeing your Desktop Bridge application published to the Microsoft Store!

Best Regards,

Windows AppConsult Team

Desktop Bridge Team                        

blog http://aka.ms/appconsultblog email [email protected]

So, why is this a big deal? You had hinted Microsoft was going to do more about the Desktop Bridge. This is important because previously you had to manually apply for permission through a form, wait 6 days for a response, etc. Now (upcoming), it will be submit it once converted, and we will test it and give permission through the Dev Center. It is still manual, but less vetting is involved. Just weird considering I got this about 3 days after your article about the Desktop Bridge.

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