Anyone else having controller issues with Xcloud


Hello all,

Is there anyone else having issues with the controller on Xcloud? In app and browsing games and menu items my controller works fine. However, when a game loads up my left and right sticks as well as my d pad are unresponsive. When I go to the feedback/Quit menu via the ellipses the sticks and dpad become responsive again. I am using a Pixel 3 on Android 11.



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  1. beckoningeagle

    How is your signal level? I've noticed this type of behavior when signal level drops below a certain threshold.

  2. gregsedwards

    Yup. Same here. Exact same configuration as you.

  3. tarosx

    Having this equivalent issue on a Pixel 4a utilizing an authority Microsoft regulator. It's irritating since it was working consummately before the gamepass application combination.

    Kodi Nox