Console Style PCs


Since the most recent update, My XBox One has become unusable (I think the XBox people are too busy with the preview programme to notice the cruddy build they released to everyone who isn’t in the preview programme). It has gotten to the point where I’m pretty much ready to give up on the thing.

As I’m really enjoying Forza Horizon 3 and looking forward to Gears of War 4, I’m thinking about buying (I have no interest in building) one of those console style PCs (like the Alienware Alpha Console that Curry’s in the UK have on sale for 550 quid). I basically want something that will run the next few years worth of new games at least as well as an XBox One would, but I have no idea what I should be looking for. Any recommendations, either for which device to get or at least processor/graphics card combinations?

Or would I be better off buying a gaming “server” and streaming to a PC stick connected to the TV (or as it’s an AndroidTV tv, to an app running on the TV)?I’m just wondering if electronics that have been designed to fit in a little box under the TV cost noticibly more than electronics that are expecting things like airflow.

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