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    Yeah, I agree with all you have said here.  I find it really frustrating, I don't want to store physical media nor do I need to, but I shouldn't have to pay more... 

    I've assumed it's something to do with bulk discount, so the retailers can purchase 5000 units of whatever AAA title and they will get them for X amount per unit...

    This of course, doesn't work with digital copies.  It should be cheaper and really they have no reason not too, if there selling the above at £10-15 per physical disc then why can't they discount the digital copies?

  2. 4039

    I went all-digital with both XB1 and PS4 games when each console launched, and have never looked back.  No discs piling up on the shelves, everything on readily accessible on the hard drive, etc.

    I think the physical sales have more to do with excess stock, supply and demand, etc.  I agree that it has been really frustrating over the years to always have digital copies selling at full price on Amazon, while physical are usually discounted.  However, keep an eye out for sales - they do happen in the digital stores, too, on occasion, although nothing like the frequency of physical.

    Another challenge with digital games when you have more than one console in the house is that you can only have one PRIMARY console.  Your digital games are purchased by one actual person, not the family.  And only the primary console allows anyone to play your games on it.

    I ran into this problem in the last week when I got a PS4 Pro, and moved my original PS4 to another TV in the house.  The PS4 Pro is now my primary console, and anyone in the house can play any of my digital games on the PS4 Pro.  On the other PS4, which is now NOT my primary console, my digital games still exist on that console.  However only the purchaser of the digital game - i.e. me - can play the games on that secondary PS4.  So, my kids cannot sit down at the old PS4 and play a game unless they actually log in as me (the purchaser of the game).  Of course, this also means that if I am logged into the PS4 Pro and playing a game, nobody else can play a game on the other PS4 as those games were all purchased by me, and I cannot be logged into both consoles at once.

    Note that I am not talking about being able to play the same game on two different consoles at the same time.  You can't even play two different games on the two consoles at the same time if they were purchased by the same person.

    Based on what I have read, similar restrictions also apply to the XB1 platform.  Only one console is Home console, and on a another console you have to be the owner of a game to play it.

    None of this is a surprise to - I am not claiming that I got ripped off.  I read about all of these restrictions when I first got the PS4 and XB1 at launch.  But, now that I have more than one console in the house, I am feeling the restrictions.

    Overall, you can't really have more than one console in the household if you go all-digital.  You actually are much better off with discs if you have two or more consoles of the same platform in the house - it's the only way to allow anyone to play any game on any console whenever they want.

    And, as you said, the games can be significantly cheaper....

  3. 2625

    Movies are in a similar situation with the Blu rays and Dvds being cheaper than Digital streams, but they usually offer a onetime digital code within the physical copy.