I’ve never pre-ordered something before


Wish me luck guys. I’ll be spamming my F5 key tomorrow at 11 AM. Series S for me, even though at first I thought I wanted the X.

Will I see any of you out there?

Anyway, what’s with this prefix “pre”? Pre-order, pre-existing, pre-boarding.

How do you order something before you order it?

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  1. codymesh

    "Anyway, what’s with this prefix “pre”? Pre-order, pre-existing, pre-boarding."

    is this a reference to that george carlin bit?

  2. wright_is

    My colleague ordered a Series S this morning.

    The "pre-" in pre-order is useless. You are ordering it, there is no pre-. It is just another useless marketing term thought up to create excitement.

  3. erichk

    Dang. Websites crashing, pages not loading, going from "in the cart" to "out of stock" in two seconds.

    Guess I'll wait for the next round!

  4. madthinus

    I pre-ordered my first hardware today. X is hopefully coming on 10 November

  5. kenosando

    I've had the Series X in my cart from Microsoft since shortly after 11:00 CDT. Could never check-out, kept running in to errors. Same issues on BestBuy and Target. Couldn't checkout. Looks like I am out of luck for now.

    When I ordered the Xbox One X Project Scorpio edition, I received the unit around noon the day of the retail release.

  6. erichk

    Whoa I just had a bit of luck. Was able to snag a Series S from Sam's Club, even though I'm not a member. Had to create a guest account.

    But it's on its way, essentially. Woot!

  7. waethorn

    Buy one, sell it on eBay for twice as much, and buy one after New Year's when they have a price drop and get it with a game bundle or save on that online service subscription.

  8. waethorn

    You're ordering something during the pre-release period, hence you are pre-ordering.

  9. robotraccoon

    Pre-ordered a Series X through Microsoft's online store.

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