Microsoft should fully embrace the Switch


Game streaming is not just typical industry/business hype BS, there really is a good chance it could seriously change the gaming industry in a big way. This is why even Apple, Google and Netflix are looking into it, but it’s Microsoft that has the best chance of dominating when it comes to game streaming. ‘Xbox’ is a household brand name and Microsoft has the tech to make it happen, there’s just 1 missing piece of the puzzle: an actual mobile game console. Either Microsoft needs to make a handheld Xbox console, or they need to fully embrace the Switch. Why? Because even though newer phones have excellent chips, you cannot actually play real video games on them, because they don’t have buttons and joysticks, and the screens are still a bit too small for real console video games. Playing Fortnite on a phone is a joke, for example. This is one of the major reasons the Switch is selling like hot cakes, people want to actually play real video games on the go.

I can’t see Microsoft making an Xbox handheld but they really don’t need to, and maybe they shouldn’t, because Nintendo and Microsoft have a great relationship and I’m sure they would both love to have Microsoft’s games streaming on the Switch (Minecraft sells amazingly well on the Switch, for example, and Microsoft is bringing Xbox Live to the Switch). This all won’t happen right now obviously, Microsoft hasn’t even launched their game streaming service yet and the Switch doesn’t have a cellular modem. But the Switch 2 comes out in 2023 or 2024, it will have a 5G modem and Microsoft’s game streaming service will be out by then, we really could see Microsoft completely dominate game streaming. Interesting and exciting times ahead… Imagine Microsoft being the giant of the gaming world? I bet no one predicted that!

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  1. cadrethree

    It would make more sense to take the Xcloud technology and turn it into an separate ecosystem. Sell it as a platform to every gaming company, publisher and telecom out there. That means Xbox division would have to buy a license, too.

    As far as a handheld, I just want a controller that connects to my phone and has an PSnow app for Android. Take a PS4 controller and put a phone clip on it. Maybe some kind of Arm controller, storage, and let us connect with Bluetooth and support from Sony. Once you take out the screens from portable gaming units the price falls to under 70 bucks. Most kids have a phone so why bother including it in handhelds like the Switch? They make it some really nice third party controllers now and if Google would enforce controller support for every game in the app store we would be good to go. Maybe cause they don't want to lose 30 percent to Google Playstore? Maybe Xcloud would help?

  2. Bdsrev

    Yeah, but you mean with Xbox exclusives or just the back end game streaming tech? I could see Microsoft making Xbox exclusives available on the Switch if the next-gen Xbox doesn't sell well. We'll have to see how everything plays out

  3. Jackwagon

    That would be fairly interesting. I remember when that whole "Wii60" talking point came around when you could get a Wii and a 360 for the price of a PS3.

    Also, I believe that MechAssault had an installment on the DS.

  4. willr

    I would love to hear Brad and Paul's thoughts on all this. With Google about to announce their game streaming, I think Microsoft should try almost anything to get their game streaming on the Switch because the Switch is the only way to play real video games on the go, this could be super important in the upcoming game streaming wars

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