More info needed on Elite 2 Bumpers


Paul, can you please go in depth with the Xbox guys on how the bumpers on the new Elite 2 controller were redesigned, which is a pretty nebulous word, as well as how long they expect them to last, as well as why. The bumpers on the Xbox controllers, as well as the Elite are a sore point for me. Since buying my Xbox One soon after it came out I have had to replace 6 bumpers on my controllers. I will be replacing the third broken bumper on my Elite controller probably tonight (it is broken but hanging in there) so I am going onto 7 now. All but one of these breaks came from normal use (I am an FPS guy as well), the one possible exception being a wayward grandson that accidentally knocked it off a table (the bumper broke soon afterwards)

When I bought the Elite I was expecting a well crafted piece of hardware since it was sold that way. The cheap, literally 50¢ piece of plastic they used for the bumpers, quickly dispelled that illusion when I had to replace the first one. From a mechanical design these look like they are literally designed to fail over time from stress wear on the plastic material connecting the two bumpers together that they are using as a spring.

Before spending $179 plus 10% sales tax, I would really like to know that Microsoft has a much better design now.

I would also like to know more about the battery since it appears to be built in. I would like to know how replaceable it is. We all know that rechargeable batteries wear out over time. I use my controller a lot and I do not want to be looking at having to get rid of my controller over a dead battery in it.

Is it using a wireless charging system with the case (the video makes it look like that could be the case) or do we need to plug the cable into the controller itself? I currently run with 2 rechargeable batteries, one charging while the other is in use, which means I never have to plug a cable into my controller. I find this preferential since in my experience cables get pulled on and then controllers go flying (back to my experience with my grandson) where they easily can be broken.

I hope your contacts can answer these concerns.

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