Seagate Game Drive for Xbox SSD


I picked up a 500GB external Seagate Game Drive for Xbox SSD, and boy, did it ever improve load times. I spend most of my Xbox time playing Destiny 2 which is notorious for its long load times on consoles. Pulling up the menu to switch your character’s gear on an Xbox One X could take 10-15 seconds. If you were in the middle of a fire-fight and found you needed a different weapon, forget about it. You’ll be killed while waiting in menu-purgatory to swap out your lame legendary machine gun for our lord and savior, the Sleeper Stimulant.

But not for me! Not anymore. I can mash that menu button and swap gear faster than chain lightning. Gone are the days of browsing the Destiny subreddit while traveling between the game’s planets. Now I have just enough time to crack open another seltzer water and take a sip.

Adding an external SSD to my Xbox One has made already fun games even more enjoyable. The 500GB Seagate SSD can be had for around $130-$150 when they’re in stock. If you’ve got the spare change and the willingness to do so, I suggest getting one.

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  1. waethorn

    I don't find the menus take very long on a PS4. I use a 2TB Seagate SSHD in an external USB 3.0 Startech enclosure. Not an SSD, but still - I hear no complaints from fellow players on PS4. My load times aren't significantly shorter than people playing on the stock 500GB internal drive.

  2. Paul Thurrott

    I actually use one of these as well.

  3. yoshi

    I finally just upgraded to a Samsung SSD in my desktop, I should do the same for Xbox. I can't believe how fast my desktop is now.

  4. DJS

    I swapped out the internal HDD for an SSD and it was definitely a great upgrade in terms of speed and it also allowed me to up the storage to 2TB. That gives me plenty of space for games (at least for now) without me having to use an external drive.

    I replaced the thermal paste on the CPU at the same time, as the paste that was on there was poorly applied and had dried out.