the cheaper little streaming Xbox Two console might do really well in Japan


I’ve read all of Brad’s articles on the next-gen Xbox stuff and was just looking at some console sales numbers. The Xbox One does terribly in Japan, like shockingly so. But I really think the cheaper little streaming Xbox Two could completely turn things around there because, not only will it be significantly cheaper than the PS5, but in Japan, internet is extremely fast and this means the downsides of game streaming technology will be basically non-existent there. Japan is a big market so if the the cheaper little streaming Xbox Two does well there, it really could be a game changer. What other regions have super fast internet like Japan? These are the regions Microsoft should heavily advertise the cheaper streaming Xbox Two, and if it works, the next-gen console wars could be completely different

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  1. cadrethree

    Can't really see any Xbox console ever gaining traction in Japan. Japan and South Korea have moved onto mobile GaaS experiences. That market is the largest gaming sector already and growing every year. Maybe they should consider buying some small Japanese, Korean, and Chinese mobile game companies and offering it to Japan, Korea, and America through Gamepass. Microsoft is already behind the curve. Can't see streaming console games through Xcloud being a thing. Honesty with Microsoft's Azure kick I could see them offering Xcloud as a new ecosystem to every game company. Liscensed of course. Console games require your undivided attention for spans longer than 5-10 minutes. Mobile gaming is perfect for a couple of minutes here and there, IMHO. It's the difference between a full Windows computer and Android. The current mobile game model is too darn lucrative too change much. But if they offered them unlocked to Gamepass users, now that's really interesting.

  2. rob_segal

    Japan never embraced Xbox and I don't expect them to choose Xbox over Sony PlayStation. The only way Japan would embrace it is if Sony bought Xbox from Microsoft.