Thoughts on Halo Infinite?


I’m here, curious to know what are the thoughts on the 8-min gameplay of the new Halo Infinite?

I personally think, it feels fresh and fluid on screen. Graphics are definitely an upgrade but could have been better, since it’s a flagship title for Xbox Series X.

More than anything, I really hope the storytelling is where the emphasis was during the development. I love Halo franchise first for its compelling story, at least in the first trilogy.

Overall for me it wasn’t of a disappointment.

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2 responses to “Thoughts on Halo Infinite?”

  1. Usman

    I wonder how multiplayer will be. Since you're not going to be using that large scale world rendering, how would multiple look and play.

  2. jamie_webster

    Its not what I expected. But they did mention they will be adding features ie Ray traycing after launch.

    As long as its fun and the story is strong