Transfer a Play Anywhere Game to Family Member?


I picked up a Play Anywhere game during the sales around Christmas.  My thought was my son and I can play on the XB1S.  We built his first budget gaming PC on Christmas day.  I was hoping that since he is associated with me in MS Family, that he’d be able to play the Play Anywhere game on his new PC.  He cannot.  Attempts to install using his account prompts him to purchase it.

In hindsight, I should have first used the code with his account instead of mine.  He’ll play it far more than I and I can just play on the XB.  But my account is the primary account on the XB (which is tagged as our home XB), so not sure if that would work.

He can always stream from the XB to his PC.  That works.

Is there any way to transfer this to his account?  Is there no family sharing of these Play Anywhere games?  Appears so.

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  1. 2479

    Just my 2 cents, but I was in the exact same boat as you.  I purchased Forza Horizon 3 (awesome game by the way) and it installed great on our Xbox One S and both of us can play on our accounts.  I then installed the game on our PC as my account with no problem and just as you experienced, my son is unable to install the game on his account.

    However, there are some steps that will help you out.  To start, log out of your account on your PC (to be safe) and then login as your son's account on the PC.  Start the "Store" and click on your son's account next to the search box.  An "Account" window will appear where you can log out of your son's account then you can login as your account.  Now that the Store is in your account, you can go to the game in the store and download it.  When I did this it took a few tries before it "saw" the game and allowed me to install it.  The key here is to make sure that you install the game to the same drive as you did on your account.  For example, on my PC, I have all my games on my D Drive so I made sure to select the D Drive again.  It downloaded a few MB before it saw the game and then instantly saw that it was ready to play.  Just be sure to log out of your account in the Store and back in as your son's account.  After that, start the game as normal and... boom... it works!  My son is very happy that he can play on the PC when needed.  Enjoy!

  2. 760

    No way to transfer, but you could play on his PC and he could play on your Xbox that is designated as the home xbox.

    It would be nice if they had some better family sharing options and someday they probably will, but I would not bet on their being retroactive.

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