Transfer a Play Anywhere Game to Family Member?


I picked up a Play Anywhere game during the sales around Christmas.  My thought was my son and I can play on the XB1S.  We built his first budget gaming PC on Christmas day.  I was hoping that since he is associated with me in MS Family, that he’d be able to play the Play Anywhere game on his new PC.  He cannot.  Attempts to install using his account prompts him to purchase it.

In hindsight, I should have first used the code with his account instead of mine.  He’ll play it far more than I and I can just play on the XB.  But my account is the primary account on the XB (which is tagged as our home XB), so not sure if that would work.

He can always stream from the XB to his PC.  That works.

Is there any way to transfer this to his account?  Is there no family sharing of these Play Anywhere games?  Appears so.

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