Upgrading or downgrading to the next console?


Hi guys. Since I’m typing this on my iPad I’ll be brief. Given what we know so far — and I know it’s not that much yet — do you think going from an Xbox One X to the Lockhart (assuming it exists) will still be an upgrade if you’re on a 4K TV?

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  1. SWCetacean

    I'm pretty sure the Lockhart will be an upgrade in some respects. All rumors on the Lockhart say it will have the same tech feature set as the Series X (ray-tracing support and other graphical features), which the Xbox One X lacks. I'm presuming that Lockhart will also include some sort of SSD storage, as opposed to the HDD of the One X, which will be a huge upgrade in system responsiveness and load times. And while the teraflops value is rumored to be lower than the One X, these are RDNA2 TFLOPS, which do more per-FLOPS than the older architecture in the One X. I think Lockhart will be an overall upgrade vs the One X.

    • erichk

      In reply to SWCetacean:

      Sounds good, thanks for the advice. I was a little worried at first about the notion that Lockhart is going to be targeting 1080p/1440p, but unless I'm wrong I don't even think the Xbox One X runs at 4K all the time anyway. Plus, when more details are announced, we'll know more about what the Series S can do.

  2. ponsaelius

    I am considering moving to Playstation.

    • darkgrayknight

      In reply to ponsaelius:

      Which Xbox were you on? Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox 360? And why are you considering moving to Playstation? I would guess maybe some exclusive games on Playstation, or you had issues with your Xbox or Xbox live.

      I don't understand moving back and forth, you'd have to buy the games on the other platform. The availability of playing older games going back to the original console is a decent reason to stay if you have many games.

      It would be an upgrade from Xbox One X to even Lockhart, though it may be close and worth waiting unless your Xbox is not working well.

  3. simont

    I might upgrade to a Lockhart console, but only in a year or two time once they stop releasing most content for the XBox One. That and 1080p gaming is good enough for me.