will the next-gen/successor to the Xbox One X have an SSD?


The next-gen successor to the Xbox One X, do you think Microsoft will put an SSD in it? Of course this will make it more expensive but as we can see, there is indeed a big market and demand for these expensive ‘pro’ style consoles (because they’re awesome). Brad what do you think? Could you ask your sources?

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  1. 02nz

    250GB SSDs cost under $40 at retail these days, so this ought to be a no-brainer. Better hope Microsoft doesn't charge for capacity the way they do on the Surface Pro line - $300 extra to go from 128GB to 256GB!

  2. madthinus

    I doubt it, but I can see a 64gb flash based storage for the host OS and interface. That would make a lot of sense.

  3. Bill Strong

    Consumers can get 1TB SSDs for as little as 150 bucks, so I am certain Microsoft can do it if it makes sense for their next product goals. With the emphasis on streaming gaming, I don't know that it does, unless you look at needing the storage for twich streaming, which might warrant a high end Pro version they can charge a premium for.

  4. Bdsrev

    I really think they should. Like you said, they now know there is a market/demand for high end expensive consoles, an SSD would be a huge upgrade. Brad probably knows

  5. JaseCutler

    Since consoles tend to be sold in the tens of millions, something as simple as saving 10 cents equals a million bucks. The likelihood of an SSD being only 10 cents in price is almost certainly not, but even then the math doesn't work.

    If the Xbox runs fine with a HDD and doesn't require an SSD, they lose out on a million bucks.

    If they chose to make two models, they now are competing against their own product (since it's not Xbox [$] vs PS [$], but now Xbox slow [$] vs Xbox fast [$$] vs PS [$]).

    • Bdsrev

      In reply to JaseCutler:

      The 'competing with their own product' is a non-issue, they already decided to sell the One X, and it's been a success to the point where they've already decided to make a follow up for the next gen. Microsoft isn't afraid of breaking even or even losing money in some cases (if there's an overall big picture benefit for the brand/company) so I could see them selling an X version that has an SSD, it would be nice to hear Brad's thoughts on this

      • Bats

        In reply to Bdsrev:

        They are not going to make a next gen console because the One X was a success. They were going to do it anyway. Plus the One X can't be considered a success because more people bought PlayStations and Switches.

  6. Brad Sams

    I dont know about the consumer versions but the dev units do not have any spinning rust in them.

    • willr

      In reply to brad-sams:

      LOL! Brad do you know if they're even considering it? It DOES make sense because it would really get people excited about the product and it would be a legitimate competitor to a gaming PC.