X-Box Gold and game discounts


Given the significant savings that are going on right now I thought of picking up a few games.

The whole family account thing is really messed up for XBox. With one kid away at college, it has become impossible to have games running in multiple places when owned by the families account, so I thought that I would just pick up the games I want on my account. The downside is that the Live account is based on our shared account, which would then require me to login as that account when playing games, which just doesn’t work for a larger family.

My question is, could I sign up for a month of Live, buy the games I want at a discount, and then not actually use that Live account, but continue to use the games even when that month has expired? I don’t see any reason why that would not be the case, but MS does some really strange and random things with X-Box.

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