Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta) Just Joined Just Question


So I travel a lot for work so I have next to no time on the Xbox but I just joined Game Pass for PC for 4.99 month. I wondering if there is anything I should know any cool games. Should I get a Bluetooth controller and wireless headset? Sorry been away from gaming for a while.

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  1. chaoticwhizz

    There actually isn't a lot of multiplayer games for GamePass. Many multiplayer games are free to play now anyway. I'm assuming that is why you want the headset. Honestly for laptop gaming you might be better off with a wired USB headset. The sound quality is better and they are much cheaper then Bluetooth esp if you don't already have a Bluetooth controller built in.

    What kind of games do you like to play? Hard to recommend without some info. If you like single player RPGs then Outer Worlds is fun.

  2. Vladimir Carli

    It all depends on what kind of games you like. Your question sounds like: is there any cool music to listen too? Should I get a CD player or stream online?

    The same applies for controller and headset. For me, the main advantage of PC gaming is being able to play with mouse and keyboard. I can't stand controllers, so i would highly recommend a gaming mouse and pad. However, many people certainly disagree with me. Another thing to consider is that many AAA titles which allow for hundreds of hours of entertainment are not on gamepass. In many cases you are better off buying 2-3 per year and you even save in comparison with the gamepass subscription. I bought Overwatch and Skyrim and have been playing them almost exclusively in the past 3 years for an amount equivalent to 4 months of gamepass. However, some people play a game for a week and then move to the next one and they find good value in gamepass. So, what do you want to play and what kind of gamer you think you are?

  3. Patrick3D

    2 game recommendations: The Outer Worlds is a good FPS open world action adventure similar to Fallout 3/4, and Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden is a tactical adventure game with an interesting story, it can be a little challenging up-front but gets easier as you progress. I just play with keyboard/mouse, for a headset I use a Plantronics RIG 800LX, it's compatible with both Xbox One and Windows 10. The Dolby Atmos apps for Windows 10 are unreliable but the headset is the most comfortable I've ever owned. It costs around $150 and is available at Best Buy and online.