xbox game pass – good value – but only if your new to xbox one

I recently took the plunge and activated the 14 day free trial to xbox games pass mainly because i wanted to try sea of thieves.

Unfortunately for me at least i dont see the service as good value at this moment in time. I’ve had an xbox one since release and have taken advantage of the games with gold service to collect free games over the past 5 years (wow has it been that long?) and also the excellent christmas/ easter sales to collect triple A titles. So i have quite a collection of games to play anyway across a range of genres.

Apart from trying sea of thieves i was hoping to have access to a lot more games than I actually found with xbox game pass and was quite dissapointed by the selection. I was also hoping for a much bigger selection of Xbox play anywhere titles which is even more disappointing. It hasnt been mentioned much but it pretty clear than PC gaming through the store and especially xbox play anywhere titles are going nowhere fast. Three years in the and the selection of PC games in the store is really bad in my opinion. Wheres fortnight, PUBG, Skyrim, Rocket league? The games are out there complied for PC so why not in the store?

Many modern games are probably too intensive for average PC’s but how about building an xbox 360 emulator into windows 10 and getting those games in there, this would really put xbox game pass over the top.

Anyway, even though it doesnt work out value for me i do think that for a new customer the game pass represents excellent value – though only for on the xbox one not the wider xbox + PC world.

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  • wunderbar

    Premium Member
    20 May, 2018 - 7:18 pm

    <p>future value will be better now that Microsoft is committed to releasing all first party games day and date with retail release. I don't subscribe now but probably will in a year or so when there are a few of those that I want to play and wouldn't have otherwise bought.</p>


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