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Hi guys, I just subscribed to Xbox Game Pass so my little one can play on Planets Vs Zombies Garden Warfare, at a £1 for the month it was a no brainer. I’m also grabbing myself Star Wars Fallen order on the Xbox and downloading Gears of War Ultimate Edition for Windows 10 as I type. My question is whether games on Game Pass rotate? If so, how long do they stay available for? Does it vary game to game? Also, if I decide to keep Game Pass, then decide to do the All Access to get a newer console in the future, is their an upgrade path from Game Pass to All Access?

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  1. SWCetacean

    The games on Game Pass do rotate from time to time. There's no set length on how long each game will stay on the service, but removals are announced about a month beforehand. Microsoft-published games (like Gears) will always be on the service.