XBox Game Pass Ultimate 56% off @ Amazon


Amazon Germany is offering the XBox Games Pass Ultimate at 16.99€ for 3 months, instead of 38.99€ as an introductory offer today.

I don’t know if Amazon in other countries is also offering it. Now, if only I played games…

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4 responses to “XBox Game Pass Ultimate 56% off @ Amazon”

  1. wright_is

    Just seen it is only for people new to Game Pass Ultimate - so if you have already signed up you can't use it and you can't buy multiple passes.

    The offer runs until the end of June, in Germany.

    • Patrick3D

      In reply to wright_is:

      With previous promotions the recurring subscription option needed to be canceled in order to see the promotion again, did you test that?

      • wright_is

        In reply to Patrick3D:

        I don't own an XBox and I don't game on my PC (I don't have any console). I mainly play board and card games with real people, so it wasn't of interest to me, but I thought it might be useful to other visitors to Thurrott who do use XBox.

  2. ErichK

    I actually signed up last night. Could hardly believe it ... maybe a week or two ago I was thinking, "Well, I subscribe to Spotify, I subscribe to Hulu, what's next? Games?" But when I saw everything that comes with Ultimate, at the price they were asking, I decided it was a good deal. And since I just bought an Xbox One X, I used the two codes it came with two get two months for free ... so my first month was a dollar something, and I won't get charged the $14.99 until October. Woot.