Xbox One S Fan Clicking and Display Signal Dropping Out


With the sales and bonus offers leading up to Christmas, Microsoft finally lured me into purchasing an Xbox One S to replace my Xbox One (which I plan to sell).  I set it up yesterday and commenced to downloading games and apps. 

One of the things I immediately noticed is fan noise–a pretty noticeable clicking noise.  It is loud enough to be annoying.  Our Xbox One fan is loud, but it is a constant whir.  There is no clicking noise. 

I checked out videos on YouTube to see what others were hearing with their XB1S fan.  There were some like mine.  Some folks say it is normal and nothing to be alarmed with.  Others say they returned theirs or sent in for repair.  What is normal?  I’m still in the window to take it back to the store and exchange.  Think I’ll actually get one that doesn’t have the fan click?

Also, while waiting for games to download, my son and I decided to watch an Amazon movie using the XB1S.  The video signal kept dropping out every few minutes for about a second or so.  The TV acted as though there were brief moments of no signal on the HDMI cable.  I initially dismissed it as an issue with the Amazon app and disruptions in the stream due to the Xbox downloading games at the same time.  Although, I have 50 Mbps down and the Wi-Fi connection tested good on the XB1S and on my SP3.  After the movie, we started playing limited content–the content you play before the game is fully downloaded–from Star Wars and it did the same thing. 

There are no video issues when just navigating around the dashboard, store, or settings.

I used the HDMI cable that came with the XB1S instead of the cable that I was using for my XB1.  Could be the XB1S cable, but I doubt it.  Worth trying another cable to see.  I also plugged it into the same HDMI port on the TV.  Pretty sure it isn’t the port.  I could also switch to a wired network connection. 

I never saw this video signal dropout issue with the XB1.  Anyone else seen this issue? 


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  1. 5027

    Go back to the store to get it replaced.. the fan should not be making clicking noises, and if you also are experiencing video display issues  you should definitely try and get a new one while you still can 

  2. 49

    Hmm, i have had the signal drop out issue...quite rare but it does happen for me.



    If my fan was clicking, i'd have it fixed.

  3. 5664

    That sounds defective to me!

  4. 5184

    Thanks for the advice. My son and I exchanged the 1S today. The fan on the new one is much better. Audible if not playing loud context/games, but no annoying clicking. So much better!

    Still monitoring the new one for video issues. Nothing yet, but we've also switched to a wired network connection and I can't rule out wi-fi as the issue with the first.